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How to Get a Literary Agent: Basics for Beginners

Thanks to some recent pitch contests, I’ve been talking to a lot of new writers who are thinking about approaching literary agents. Below, I’ll break down the basic process of seeking literary agents and explain some of the common vocabulary that trips newcomers up. Note that this post is primarily geared towards writers of fiction […]

Finish that Manuscript. Revise and Repeat.

Tracy Gold, editor

Query Critique Discount until 6/15/17

Are you getting ready to send a book out to literary agents, or wondering if you could improve a query you’re currently sending? Getting your query professionally critiqued can help your novel jump out of the slush pile. I am excited to offer a 50% query critique discount until June 15th, or until my schedule totally fills up, […]

How to Write a Memoir: 7 Steps to Get Started

Writing a memoir can be incredibly fulfilling, for you and for readers, but it can also be overwhelming. Where do you start? How long is a memoir, anyway? What should the writing style be like? What if you can’t remember all the details? Recently, I’ve been coaching a few memoirists who want to tell their […]

How to Write a Memoir

YA Thriller First Page and Query Critique

Earlier this month, I posted about giving a few critiques away in exchange for donations to charity. All three slots for this round have been taken, but you can follow me or Sounding Sea on Twitter to be the first to find out when I do another round! You can also sign up to get email alerts via Sounding Sea here (don’t worry, they’re […]