Win a Seat in Our Fiction Class: Deadline 6/27

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Brigitte Winter! Check out the entries on Facebook.

The history of patronage in the arts is long and storied. Lorenzo de Medici commissioned Michelangelo. Ezra Pound helped T.S. Eliot get published. Gertrude Stein held weekly salons for artists and writers in Paris.

And now, Sounding Sea and the writers of Baltimore have our own wonderful patron, Lisa Van Wormer. Lisa, a talented memoirist, very generously offered to sponsor one writer in Kate Angelella’s fiction writing class. We can’t thank her enough for helping us get Sounding Sea off the ground!

However, there’s a catch (a fun one, we promise!). To win Lisa’s spot, you have to write a six-word story (no titles allowed) and post it as a comment on the below Facebook post. The deadline is Saturday 6/27 at midnight. We’ll pick a winner ASAP and let everyone know!


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